Microsoft and OpenAI To Build A $100 Billion Supercomputer

Tech giants Microsoft and the renowned artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI are reportedly embarking on an ambitious project: building a supercomputer unlike any other. Codenamed "Stargate," this behemoth of artificial intelligence is estimated to cost a staggering $100 billion and represents a significant leap forward in the quest for ever-more powerful AI.

The project is envisioned as a multi-stage venture, with Stargate serving as the crown jewel of a five-phase plan. Microsoft is expected to shoulder the financial burden of construction, while OpenAI will leverage the supercomputer's immense processing power to accelerate its AI research endeavors.

The need for such a powerful machine stems from the ever-growing complexity of artificial intelligence models. Training these models requires vast amounts of data and computational horsepower. Stargate, with its millions of specialized AI chips, is designed to address this very challenge.

While details about Stargate's technical specifications remain under wraps, reports suggest it won't be operational until around 2028. In the meantime, Microsoft is reportedly building a series of less powerful yet significant supercomputers for OpenAI. The first of these is expected to be launched by 2026, acting as a stepping stone towards Stargate's ultimate goal.

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