Microsoft Announces Azure Storage Import/Export

Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure Import/Export Service in the new Azure portal.
The Azure portal support comes with the following added abilities, as per the official blog:
  • Manage import and export jobs across all storage accounts from the same pane.
  • View status of overall job and of each drive individually, with percentage complete during data transfer.
  • Obtain a link to error log in case of a warnings/failure encountered during import or export job.
  • See reminder warning signs if you happen to miss updating tracking information to avoid delays in the job-processing.
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Along with the Classic Storage accounts, you will now be able to create Import and Export jobs targeting "Azure Resource Manager" accounts. You can now easily manage new jobs for both Classic as well as Resource Manager Storage accounts which can now be created from the Azure portal.
Microsoft has also announced WAImportExport client tool improvements. You can use this tool to copy the data to the hard drives which you are going to ship to an Azure data center.
Microsoft has also introduced a new flag/skipwrite in the WAImportExport V1 release of the tool. With this new flag, the disk preparation can easily be split into two stages: data-copy using any OS/tool and post-processing using the Import/Export tool v1.
The company has also expanded Azure Import/Export service to Canada, the US, and China. With this particular addition, you can now easily choose from one of the 20 different regions close to you for shipping your drives.