Microsoft Announces Intune For Education And Windows 10 PCs For Schools

Microsoft announced Intune for Education which is a new cloud-based application and device management service that has been built on the proven Intune Service. It offers easy setup and management in shared learning environments. The company has announced that Windows 10 PCs are currently available from Acer, HP, and Lenovo with several devices featuring Windows Ink, touch support, and with great designs which, the company feels, is perfect for the classroom, and it will be available from a starting price of $189.
Microsoft, in its official blog, states,
“Now Windows 10 devices offer the power, performance and security schools need at the same price as Chromebooks, with none of the compromises.”
In addition to this, the company is also launching a new update for Minecraft: Education Edition with popular requested features.
Intune for Education helps Schools Easily Set-up and Manage Classroom Devices
The company states,
“In today’s classrooms, over 90 percent of schools use shared devices, with unique demands to set-up and manage these devices. And educators face more demands than ever before, with nearly 50 percent of teachers serving as their own tech support in their classrooms.”
The Intune for Education has specially been designed for schools who desire to put devices in classrooms and not touch them through the year. Intune for Education goes on to make it quite simple for IT admins or the teachers, to make the Windows 10 devices running within minutes and also help in the management of shared devices.
Simple Windows 10 Management: The express setup feature allows the Intune for Education to set up default policies for all the devices and users in the class, school or district, within minutes. Schools will now be able to easily customize over 150 granular settings, assigning them to the students and applying them to the hardware apps, browsers, the start menu, Windows Defender and many more. These settings will go on to follow the users to any device when they sign in. For more details check the official blog.
Easy application deployment: Intune for Education makes it simpler to assign and deploy any combination of web apps or education apps from the Windows Store for Business. Once the apps are customized, they will be available to users at their next login and follow them to any device. Hence, students as well as teachers can only see the apps which they are supposed to see, and not the apps that they shouldn’t.
Integrated with Microsoft education software and services: Intune for Education and Windows 10 are engineered to integrate easily with other Microsoft cloud services including Office 365 Education. When it is integrated with School Data Sync, it automatically creates groups based on school roster data, hence apps and settings can be applied to students, teachers, devices, specific schools, or specific classes or sections with no additional work required. Any changes to the roster will be reflected automatically in the group. For more information, check the official blog.
The company states,
“This week at BETT we’ll showcase additional new devices, designed for education. These devices showcase the latest Windows 10 technology at prices competitive to Chromebooks, with the power, performance and security educators, students and families can count on from Windows.”
Acer’s TravelMate Spin B118 Convertible Notebook
The all new 11.6 – inch convertible notebook comes with 360 degree hinge and is easily portable. It comes with a starting price of $299. This device features four usage modes. They are:
  • Windows 10 Pro with a stylus to support Windows Ink
  • A robust deign made for the classroom which goes on to include pressure – resistant screen
  • Shock – absorbent rubber bumper
  • Spill- resistant keyboard
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It comes with a battery life of 13 hours, and hence students will be able to easily power through a full day of school. For more information, check here.
Lenovo N24 with pen support
New Lenovo N24 featuring Windows 10 along with newly added support for Windows Ink. The N24 convertible notebook will go on to offer an 11.6-inch IPS display with 360-degree screen rotation giving the device multimode capability, 10-point touch and an Active Pen with pen holder. This device is being expected to be made available in mid – 2017. For more information, check here.
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JP.IK introduces new Windows 10 PC for emerging markets
JP.IK is one of the largest distributors of devices for education and it has currently announced the TURN T201 PC for Windows 10. This device has been specifically designed for students between 12-18 years. TURN T201 is a 360-degree convertible PC which features an active stylus pen with pen holder enabling Windows Ink. For more information, check here.
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New Minecraft: Education Edition Update
It was just last year when Microsoft has introduced Minecraft: Education Edition to the world, and now it comes with new features in its latest update.
More Teacher Features: Microsoft launched the latest Minecraft: Education Edition update, offering several new features including Global Pause to take a quick break to transition to a new activity, accessibility features like text to speech for in-game chat, an updated user interface for managing in game settings, 256 world height for greater building capabilities, complete gameplay from the first night to The End dimension, and new “Minecraft mobs” and items including igloos and Polar Bears in snowy biomes. Minecraft: Education Edition is available at
Expanding the Minecraft Community: Microsoft has gone on to expand the Minecraft Mentor program so as to include 60 Global Minecraft Mentors representing 18 countries around the world. Minecraft Mentors are experienced guides to help educators with their Minecraft journey in education.
Microsoft in its official blog states,
“At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. For students, we are committed to enabling better learning and preparation for the future through software and devices built for the modern era.”
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