Microsoft Offers Time-Limited Free Trial Of Azure Cosmos DB

Now, you can try Azure Cosmos DB for free in a limited period experience offered by the software giant Microsoft. The company has launched this free trial experience so that more developers can evaluate the new database and test their applications against it.
In the official blog, company stated,
"We want to make it easy for developers to evaluate Azure Cosmos DB, build and test their app against Azure Cosmos DB, do a hands-on-lab, a tutorial, create a demo or perform unit testing without incurring any costs. Our goal is to enable any developer to easily experience Azure Cosmos DB and what it has to offer, become more comfortable with our database service and build the expertise with our stack at zero cost. With Try Cosmos DB for free, you can go from nothing to a fully running planet-scale Azure Cosmos DB app in less than a minute."
The good thing about this free trial is that you do not have to sign up to the Azure portal; nor do you need to pay or set-up a payment method (for a limited time). While Azure Cosmos DB is said to be the first multi-model database service that is quite popular for its scalability and elasticity, the company claims that it offers guaranteed <10 ms latencies at the 99th percentile, 99.99% high availability, and five well-defined consistency models to developers to make precise tradeoffs between performance, availability, and consistency of data.
Now, getting it for free seems like a leverage to the developers. Microsoft says,
"With Try Azure Cosmos DB for free, you can create a container (a collection of documents, a table, or a graph) and globally-distribute it to up to 3 regions, and use any of the capabilities Azure Cosmos DB provides for 24 hours. Once the trial expires, you can always come back and create it all over again."
For getting started with Cosmos DB, you can watch this video or visit the official blog.
Source: Channel 9
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