Microsoft's Edge Browser Going To be More Powerful & Faster With Windows 10 Update

As we know Software /IT giant Microsoft has already released Edge browser with its Windows 10 release last year which is not as powerful or fastest as the other browsers available in the market like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.
Microsoft has already said in Microsoft's Build 2017 conference that it's going to make Edge browser faster as well as more powerful with its Windows 10 update with responsive design, especially with smoother closing and opening tabs.
If you have ever used the old version of Edge browser with its first release of Windows 10, it was too slow when multiple tabs were opened and while switching from one tab to another. To overcome these drawbacks, software /IT giant Microsoft has planned to make the most powerful and the fastest browser which will be one of the best browsers from Microsoft.
If we look at IE (Internet Explorer) which comes with all the Microsoft's Operating Systems like Windows XP , Windows 7 etc., the performance of IE is very very slow when compared to other browsers and it doesn't support debugging feature for web or UI developers. For software testing developers, the Internet Explorer browser performs very slow while executing the automated test cases using various automation tools like Selenium , codedUI, sikuli etc. 
With Microsoft's Fluent Design System (MFDS), we will have various designs for the edge browser and animation which helps us in interacting with the 3D Objects on a User Interface and it will be part of Edge.
Microsoft is planning to launch Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) for Edge, which means when we open multiple tabs on Edge by navigating to multiple webpages / websites, it gives a rich user experience like an app in mobile device with its rich UI.
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