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  • Image Slider in Windows Store App1/7/2013 8:52:21 AM. In this article we will implement an image slider in a Windows Store Application. The feature of this image slider is that it will show the image one by one from the set of images.
  • A Virtual Photo Album in C# and .NET10/3/2012 9:22:31 AM. This album allows you to drag your images directly from Windows Explorer into the spot you want your picture to occupy. You can also edit the captions by clicking on the labels under the pictures.
  • Photo Slideshow in Silverlight 411/18/2010 11:26:02 AM. This article demonstrates you how to make pictures slideshow, pictures list, pictures paging, pictures rotating in Silverlight 4.
  • Virtual Photo Album in C#4/5/2010 1:28:52 AM. This application called "Virtual Photo Album". I didn't use any third party components, so it should be easy for you to download the code and play with it. I will try not to use any third party components while I am learning C#.
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