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  • Using Silverlight in XNA - Part III: Silverlight Menus9/29/2010 5:15:48 AM. In our previous article (Using Silverlight in XNA: Part III), I showed you how you can use these technologies in a single solution. In this article we will create a Menu UI and use it in our XNA Project.
  • Using Silverlight in XNA: Part II8/10/2010 6:21:32 AM. In this article we well prove that XNA and Silverlight can have the oppurtinity to work together in a single project.Although its not adviced to do so. But I will tell you in the following articles why we would want to use Silverlight in XNA?
  • Using Silverlight in XNA8/10/2010 6:21:11 AM. In this article im going to show you how you can host Silverlight in your game.
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