Register Windows Store application on live Dashboard

This article describes how to register Metro style application in Windows live Dashboard. Live Dashboard allow developer to register their metro style application on windows live Dashboard.

Register our application on live dashboard is very simple. Let we walk through all the steps one by one

  1. Click to register your app.

    This link asks you to enter your live credential if you are not already log in. Please create a live account if you don't have one. Once you logged in, you will see the below page.

  2. Manage your application

    The 2nd step is managing your application by using this   link. This page shows all your application which was created by you. Find your app and click on it (you will be see all the information regarding your Client Secret, Package name and SID and redirect URL.
    [Remember]: Redirect URL is empty because you are not set it yet, if you want to set it you need to click on the Edit Settings link from the page. Redirect URL is required to add in order to connect your application with live SDK.


    Click on Edit Settings link and move to API Settings and click on it. Enter the Redirect URL


Click here to learn how to connect live SDK in metro style application

I hope this article will help you to register your application on Live Dashboard. Thanks

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