Pivot Control In Universal Windows Program

Pivot control is a tab control; we can load different collection of control or pages into the single control based on the groups.

Steps to create Pivot control

  1. Add the Pivot class & assign the Title name and display overall name.

    Add the Pivot class

  2. Add the Pivot Item (Two-tab Page).

    Firstly, item load the Calendar view and secondly, item load the textbox.

    Add the Pivot



  3. Handling the pivot selection item changes.

    Handling the pivot selection

    Selection change implementation.



  4. Overwrite the Pivot Item header to change the Header item, like default it display the text only we can change this behavior.


  5. All the Pivot Items added into the centre of the control so that based on screen resolution all items may or may not visible to the user (need scroll to view the item name).

    In some situation some items should be visible to the user, to handle this overwrite the Pivot left or right header template.

    Add left & right of the Pivot header.

    Overwrite the Pivot Item header

    Left side: Home button
    Right side: Favorite button

    Pivot header

  6. Instead of Title text, we can overwrite the Title template to add different control.

    Title template

    Instead of Title text

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