Create Custom Permission Level in SharePoint

Permission Level

Permission Levels allow grouping of Permission Right items.

Custom Permission Level

A Custom Permission Level might be required for specific scenarios like:

  1. Need a site with no delete permission for contributors.

  2. Need a site with read permission allowing Browse Directories permission.

Create Custom Permission Level

Please use the following procedure to create a custom permission level.

Open Site Gear then select Site Settings > Site Permissions > Permission Levels page.


Click on the Add a Permission Level item. You will get the page shown below. Enter a name for the permission level and customize the permission items.

Permission Levels

Please note that I have unchecked the Delete Items and Delete Versions permission items for our custom permission level.

Click the Submit button to create the permission level. You will see the new permission level in the returning page.



You can also use the Copy Permission Level option for creating a new permission level from an existing one. Click on the existing permission level and go to the page end to get the buttons shown below.

Copy Permission Level

Testing the Permission Level

Now we can test our newly created permission level. For this please use the following procedure:

  1. Create a new sub site.

  2. Stop Inheriting permission from the parent site.

  3. Remove all users, permissions.

  4. Add a new user and select custom permission level.

    Testing the Permission Level

Once you click the Share button the new permission level is associated with the selected user. Now try logging in as the preceding user, upload a document and try deleting it.

You should get a dialog saying Delete is prevented.


To make this work the user you added should not even be in the Site Collection Administrators too.

References: Understanding permission levels.


In this article we have explored how to create a custom permission level.

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