SharePoint 2010 - Group View

In this article I will take you through an out-of-the-box, but not so popular, feature of SharePoint.

Group View

A group view is formed by applying a column grouping as shown below:

Column Grouping

You can see that the original view was like this:

Column Grouping View

Please note that the Group View was based on the column Company. The items with the same company name were grouped together.

How to create a Group View

Please use the following procedure to create a Group View.

Step 1: Create List

For the test given below, create a new list of type "Contact".  After creation, enter some items into the list.  Please ensure you set the "Company" column value too.

Create List

Step 2: Create View

Open the "List" tab and choose the "Create View" option.

Create View

In the page that appears, choose the "Standard View" as shown below.

Standard View

Enter a name for the View as shown below.

View Name

Step 3: Set Grouping

In this step, we will select the Grouping column.  Scroll down in the Create View page and expand the "Group By" section.  Then, choose the "Company" column for grouping.

Group by Section

Save the changes and now you are ready with your Group View.

Step 4: Test View

You will be seeing the new view displayed as shown below:

Test View

You can also change the view from the "List tab" > "View" drop down list.

change the view from List tab

So this concludes our Group View creation.  I hope you learned the simple technique.

How to delete the view

You can modify/make default/delete the view from the Modify view option of List tab.

Modify View



In this article we explored an out-of-the-box feature for grouping list items.

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