Enabling Barcodes Ratings and Likes in SharePoint Document Libraries

This article shows how to enable Ratings, Likes and Barcode values in SharePoint 2013 Document repositories.

This article explains:

  • How to create document repositories in SharePoint 2013.
  • Enabling bar code for list items and document repositories.
  • Enabling likes in document repositories.
  • Enabling star ratings in document repositories.

Now I will show how to create a Document Library in SharePoint 2013.

Create a new SharePoint Team site.

SharePoint Team site

Go to site settings and add an app to create a document repository.

Add an app to create a document repository

Just click on the Document Library.

site content

Name it "Products" and click Create.

Click Create

So now the SharePoint document repository has been created.

SharePoint document repository

Next we will see how to enable star ratings in a SharePoint list and document repositories. Here I have explained only for document repositories. You can do the same for list items.

Now I will add Product SharePoint repositories as a webpart.


Go to Library, then click Library settings on top of the ribbon.

Go to Library

On the page, click the Rating settings.

Click on Rating settings

The default option will be “NO”.

Default option

Change "Allow item in this list to be rated" to YES.

There will be the two options, Star Ratings and Likes. I will select star ratings now and then click OK.

select star ratings now

Now add the Rating columns into this SharePoint document repositories.

Click All Documents under "Views".


Just select Rating column, then click OK.


I will now uploaded the documents. You can also see that the rating options are available.

rating option

So now I will rate the document. For demonstration, I will give 3 Stars for this specific document. It shows how many of them rate this document.

Now it's showing one.

rate this document

The next step is to enable the Barcode feature in SharePoint 2013 document repositories and list items.

In the library settings page, click the section "Information management policy settings".

Information management policy settings

Click the content type "Document" so the barcode has been generated for every document.

barcode has been generate


On this page just check "Enable Barcode".

Enable Barcode

Click OK to complete the setup. So I have just added the barcode column to the VIEWS.

added the barcode

Click OK.

Click Ok

Now the Barcode feature has been enabled.

Barcode feature

So the document has been uploaded with the generated Barcode.

generated Barcode


This will be helpful for Products related list items. Use the same procedure for "Custom List" list items.

Have fun with SharePoint list and libraries. This will also work for SharePoint 2010.

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