Social CRM Simplified


Social CRM 
Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as the name suggests, uses the present social medias technolgies to manage the customer relationships. Social CRM is also a tool for developing a business, both internally as well as externally.

Traditional CRM

Traditional CRM just deals with the collection of data by telephones, emails or any campaign activities. Even maintaing existing customers was a bit tricky by searching and comparing large operations. This deals with a one-way communication between the customer and the brand. This is very much based only on the data and information that the brands promote to the customers.

Social CRM

Social CRM has overcome various cons with various advancements using social medias. Here the customer information is collected thoroughly using social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. These days more than 75% of the people have accounts in various social medias and it is very easy to reach a customer.

Instead of dealing with data and information here using social CRM the company deals with the relationships using conversations. Because of this CRM the communication of products was not a one-way communication but multi-level communication. For example, this helps in communicating between the company and the customer and also the customer to the customer. A customer promotes his reviews in a social media along with his user experience so that the product's pros and cons is known by everyone, including the company and their competitors. This becomes a healthy competition at present.

Benefits of Social CRM

  • Companies get the feedback about their product as early as possible.
  • Promotional activities are very helpful and easily reachable these days.
  • Companies can get closer to their customers than before.
  • Trends are set for the products as well as the company and are develped very early.
  • The revenue of the company increases.
  • Customer interact effortlessly.
  • Right place, right time and right prospects are avaiable for new sales.
  • Customer reviews are captured using various social medias.
  • Building new products with the required needs are possible.
  • Campaigns are done very easily.
  • Sales promotions are also easy these days.
  • Web-to-lead functionality is at its peak for all the companies.
  • A great tool for marketing people.
  • We can monitor, track and benchmark daily activities.
  • Increased reach with visibility over costs.
  • Customer service provides higher satisfaction.

Social CRM uses whatever social media we can make use of but the following three must be highly present in those.

  • Fans and followers
  • Sharing and participations
  • Traffic and conversions from social media

Thus the social CRM is the place where the customers get what they want in their point and from enterprise level. This is the CRM from which companies increase customer satisfaction and the revenue to the company.

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