Importing Excel SpreadSheets in SharePoint 2010

Sometimes you need to import your data in Excel files into SharePoint Portal.

Manually you can create a list and then change the view into DataSheet View, copy the data from your Excel files and paste into the DataSheet View. This will import Excel files manually, Yes!

But there is another option in SharePoint 2010!

Choose Site Actions and then More Options:


Then find Import SpreadSheet:


Click Create button. It will prepare for creating a new list for the Excel file you wish to add:


Set Name and then choose "Browse". In the picture above it shows something else because of localization. Select your file and then click Import. It will open Excel file and then require your permission to access SharePoint 2010 from Excel.


This dialog box will appear and it wants you to select a range in the Excel file. You can choose whether to use a formula to select or use the mouse to select a range in the Excel file:


OK. I have selected 3 personal information from my Excel file.

Then Click Import and see the results:


You may wish to edit the column names later.

You can alter your view into DataSheet View for editing easily on this List.

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