How to Create HTML Email Message in SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow

In a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow HTML email I was frustrated because I was unable to add images and tables directly from the editor. I thought rich HTML is not supported with this version but I found a quick way to add rich HTML in an email body message.

Use the following procedure to add images in a SPD email body in 2010

  • First create your HTML in Dreamweaver or Visual studio 2010 or any other HTML editing tool
  • Then open your workflow in SPD 2010
  • Add a “Send email” workflow action from the ribbon
  • Keep the “Send Email” action selected/highlighted
  • Then navigate to the ribbon and select the advanced properties

    SPD Email body in 2010
  • Click advanced properties Select last option Body

    SPD Email body1
  • Click on the button (...) to open the text pad
  • Paste your HTML including head, body and HTML.

    SPD Email body3
  • Click "OK" and open the action from the workflow step.
  • Done!


If you edit the subject or To/CC/BCC then don’t edit the workflow; go to “advanced properties“.

Choose for example the third option, the subject line can be edited if we use an edit workflow then automatically disturb the HTML and <imp> tag to be converted into text.

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