Visual Studio Spell Checker

Misspelled strings in your projects?

The term "QUALITY" is very import part in the software development life cycle. It a very small but a very important part of SDLC of correcting misspelled words in the code.
 Sometimes programmers are good in technology but weak in written English. Even if the code is superb and robust, if the code has one incorrectly spelled word then it makes a bad impression and influences the chain of quality.
It is also very important to make the code more readable. Sometimes the programmer needs to put comments everywhere in the code, but due to the weak written English skills and forgetful nature of people, a programmer cannot remember the correct spelling of all the words and he/she will need to go to Google and search for the correct spelling of a word and this decreases productivity.

 So Visual Studio has a great tool to get rid of this problem and it is called "Visual Studio Spell Checker."
Visual Studio Spell Checker 
 Now we will start writing in Visual Studio.
start writing in visual studio 
 This tool will suggest us to correct the incorrect spellings of the words.
 It can be also downloaded from here Visual Studio Spell Checker.

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