Node.js: Create Server Using Express.js


So, in our previous article we covered the conventional way to create a HTTP server. This time we will follow a complete and a smart way to create a HTTP server that is precise and fast.

According to their official website, the following describes express.js:

Express is minimal and flexible Node.JS web application framework that provides a robust set of features of web and mobile application.

And, it will help you in creating APIs that implicitly work on the HTTP protocol.

framework node


Express.JS is a framework file hosted by the Node Package Manager (NPM). For installation, we have a special node command to install on the local computer.

npm install [PACKAGE NAME] 

For installing express:

node install express

Note: express is the package name.

After Installing, you will get a folder node_modules that consists of all the modules that you install from npm.

node modules

Now, you have successfully installed the express module in your node folder.


Before we start, let's get the code first.

boiler plate code

We use the term boiler plate code with express because it removes the unwanted lines. The code that minimizes the lines of code to do a certain task.

And, express allows us to create a HTTP server in a few lines of code.


So, it's quite simple and easy to use instead of writing many lines of code to do a simple task. There is nothing to describe in this article. Although, if you experience any problem then feel free to share.

Special Note
Special Thanks to Brett Jackson.

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