Simple Read And Write With Console Application For Beginners

This is my first article and I don’t know how to start. So, I think, I can start from very basic. I have taken a very basic example and will continue with advance in next article.

Console Application

A console application is one that runs in a console window and having no graphical user interface. It will have character based interface.

Create Project

Open Visual Studio [I am using Visual Studio 2010],

  1. Start page - New Project

    You can create a new project from Start Page; there is an option to create New Project as shown or,

    choose Project

  2. File Menu, New, then project

    Second way to create a new project with Visual Studio, you can go with File menu and choose New, then Project.

    New Project

    It will open a dialog for New Project.

    From the Visual C# choose Windows and then choose Console Application and click OK as in the following,

    Console Application

    It will open the following screen [Program.cs file]


    Program.cs file

Console Class

While working with Console applications in .NET, we use Console [ a Class in .net], which is contained inside System Namespace, as shown below by IntelliSense that class System.Console => represents the Standard input, Output and error streams for console applications. This class can't be inherited.

Console Class

Writing to a Console

There are two methods for writing to the console, which are used extensively:

  1. Console.Write(): Write the specified value to the console window. Write() method has 17 overloads as shown below by intelliSense.


  2. Console.WriteLine(): This is one of the output methods of the Console class in the run-time library. This does the same, but adds a newline character at the end of the output using specified format information. WriteLine() method has 18 overloads as shown below by IntelliSense.


Reading to a Console

When we run a console application from the debugger, it automatically close the console window when the application ends, preventing you from seeing the output.

There are three methods :

  1. Console.Read()


  2. Console.ReadKey()


  3. Console.ReadLine() method



If you want to add two numbers and display their sum on a console window, then write the following code:




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