How to Create a Website in Microsoft Azure


Azure is an internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in data centers managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many separate features with corresponding developer services that can be used individually or together.

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Here’s how you can create a website using Microsoft Azure!

  1. Go to Azure portal.

  2. Click on my Account.


    After clicking on my account! you will get two options:

    • Management Portal

      Management portal is basically for managing/configuring and using Azure services.

    • Usage and Billings

      Usage and Billing tracks your Azure usage and shows you your bill.

  3. Now click on Management Portal.


    After clicking Management Portal it will move to the login page.

  4. Now enter you email address that you used to get your Azure subscription.

    Azure subscription

  5. Click on Continue.

    Then you will then see a sign in page.

  6. Now enter your Microsoft Account credentials (Email and Password) associated with your Azure subscription.and click on Sign in.

    Sign in

    After signing in it will take some time to load the portal (it also depends on your connection speed ). You will see this screen.


    Then you will see Azure portal.

    Azure portal

  7. Now click on Web Apps.

  8. Click on New.


    You will have with three options:

    • Quick create

      Quickly create your web app by specifying a URL. You can perform tasks like deployment and configuration later.

    • Custom Create

      Create a web app with additional options, such as a new or existing database, or with continuous deployment from source control.

    • From Gallery

      Choose a web application from the gallery.

      I will choose Quick Create.

  9. Now click on Quick Create.

  10. Enter a unique name of your site and select Region.

    select region

  11. Then clock on create web APP.

    Then it will take some time to create your website.

    And then your site will be ready.


    Now if you click that link you will see another screen!

That’s it.

Now you can use GIT, FTP ,Visual Studio Online, Visual Studio, or WEBMetrix to deploy your website in Azure.

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