Use Approval Workflows in a List in SharePoint

Look at the following points.

  1. As I have created something in an earlier list you will create the same thing in a list in SharePoint 2013.

  2. Here I have already created one list and set the workflow on that list.

    set work flow on that list in sharepoint

  3. Then go to Workflows Settings on top of the ribbon bar.

    Workflows Settings in sharepoint

  4. Then click Add Workflows in the sub-menu.

  5. Then you have a page. Here you must choose the Workflows that you want to work with.

    choose Workflows

  6. Then enter a unique name for this workflow.

    enter a unique name for this workflow

  7. Then choose select a task list and Select a history list.

    select a task list

  8. Then you must choose Workflow when it will be started.

    choose Workflow

  9. Then choose both checkboxes or choose depending on your requirements.

  10. Then click Next.

  11. Then one new page is created.

    new page is coming

  12. Enter the names of the people to whom the workflow will assign tasks, and choose the order in which those tasks are assigned. Separate them with semicolons. You can also add stages to assign tasks to more people in various orders.

  13. After completion of this form you click the Save Button.

    click on Save

  14. Then a new page is created.

    new page

  15. Then return to your list and enter some new items.

    back to your list

  16. Then click on Workflow on the left of the title columns.

    click on Workflow

  17. Then click on your Workflow that you created.


  18. When your entered item is in the In Progress mode.


  19. Then click on In Progress.

  20. Then click Approve on your recent Items.

  21. Then the Workflow History and Workflows Details will be visible on the page.

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