HTML5 Symbol Entities


As I mentioned previously, several types of HTML5 attributes, entities, symbols and so on in this article I am just showing little applications of those attributes along with their symbols. You can use those attributes in various ways for different functionalities. For basic knowledge about entities and attributes and their various types, please visit my previous article.

Applications | HTML5 Symbols

There is a wide category of HTML symbols for various purposes and applications like:

  • Mathematical operators
  • Arrows
  • Technical symbols
  • Shapes
  • Special Symbols
  • and so on

Functionalities | HTML5 Symbols

Several special symbols are not present on a normal keyboard. We can use special symbols along with several combinations of attributes and the entities available in HTML5. There are generally 3 ways or procedures through we can access or use all the functionalities provided by HTML5.

Methods | HTML5 Symbols

To add these symbols to an HTML page, these methods are:

Procedure 1

  • You can use the HTML Entity Name.
  • Directly in English.
  • Most Simple and common.

Procedure 2

  • If no entity name exists then you can use the Entity Number.
  • Fixed for every symbol.
  • Pre-defined on the basis of HTML5 guidelines.

Procedure 3

  • If the character does not have an entity name then you can use a decimal (or Hexadecimal) reference.
  • Accepts a direct value as a hexadecimal code.
  • More complex procedure.

Reference Example

// Using Procedure: 1 [HTML entity name]

<p>in love with &euro;<p>

// Using Procedure: 2 [HTML entity number]

<p>in love with€<p>

// Using Procedure: 3 [Hexadecimal reference]

<p>in love with €<p>

Output | Example

in love with €

in love with €

in love with €