Creating A Form Using Google Forms

In this article we are going to learn, how to create a form using Google Docs? You can see on internet that there is always written "please complete our online survey forms". These are created using the Google Docs Form. Actually this idea came from my office work, we developed a web application for internal purpose and I wanted to get feedback and suggestions from my colleagues.

For that purpose I prepared one Spreadsheet and shared it with my colleague and told to write feedback and comments/suggestions in sheet. After sometimes my sir came and gave me the idea to create a Google Forms like online surveys. Then from him I learned how to create a form with the help of Google Forms, and this thing I will share it with you all. Because I know the work of Spreadsheet but its sometimes bore to enter the description in sheet cell. Therefore, a better idea for that is Google Forms.

In the following section we are going to create forms with the help of Google Forms. Now we are going to see how to create a form and how it maintains all the responses from friends/colleagues/customers.

The following are the steps for creating a form using Google Forms:

  1. Open your Gmail account and login.


  2. Click on that dotted square icon it will show you the following screen. After that select Google Drive option.


  3. It will open your Google Drive screen like the following.


  4. After, Click on New red button, it will show you for creating docs of various options like Create Folder, Upload Folder, Upload File, Create Google Docs, Sheets, Forms etc. Select More, then select Google Forms.


  5. After click on Google Forms it will open in new tab and show you screen like the following,


  6. Click on Get Started and it will show the following screenshot.

    screen shot

    screen shot

  7. Enter the title for form, Question title, Help and Question Type – means  HTML form input types Text, Multiple Choice, etc:

    html input

    Select one from this and click on done or if you want to add multiple questions then click on button like the following:


    If you want the question to be answered compulsory, tick on the ‘Required question’ checkbox.

  8. After entering all these questions and selecting question types you can see form like the following:

    question type

    Here form is so simple, ok. Now you want to color the form. There is an option also available to select theme for your form. Just click on above form page ‘Change Theme’ and it will open like the following:

    change theme

    In right side you can see we created form and left side themes for our form, select theme you like, click on that it will reflect to our form like the following:

    right side

  9. But how it records all the responses of users/customers/friends/colleagues, for that click on ‘View Responses’ tag after the Change Theme.

    View Responses

  10. After clicking on Create button it will create a spreadsheet on your Google Drive like the following with three columns:  Timestamp, Question and Comments as in the following:


  11. Now your form is ready to share with others. For giving the links to friends/colleagues/customers click on ‘Send form’ button.

    send from

  12. Now time to open the link and give the feedback, for that open the link in new tab or click on ‘View live form’ tab just by the view responses.


    Here you can see Question type is multiple choices and textbox to enter. Select Yes or No and enter comments and click on submit. After submitting it will be like the following screenshot:


  13. Now time to see how response is recorded in our created Google Sheets.

    google sheet

    Click on the ‘View responses’ tab it will open the created sheet with recorded response with timestamp.

    View responses

Great, congratulations you successfully created a form using Google Forms.


I hope that beginners as well as students understood how to create a form using the Google Forms with example. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then please contact me.