How to Enable Like on List Items

Enable Like on List Items

Like: Like is a Microblogging feature of SharePoint 2013. Although it is disabled for list items by default, we can enable it using list settings.

Figure 1: Like

Create List: To start with, create a new list and add a few items into it as shown in the following screenshot:

Figure 2: Create List

Now go to the list settings. You will see the Ratings settings as shown in the following screenshot:

Figure 3: Contact Settings

Choose the following options:

Figure 4: Rating Settings 

Save the changes and return to the list. You should see the Like link now.

Testing Like: You can click on the Like link to test it.

Figure 5: Contacts

Now the Like link converts to unlike and it will also display the Total Like count.

Figure 6: New Item

This shows the usage of Rating Settings to enable like item for a list item.

We can use the Like functionality to enable user-voting on multiple choices.



In this article we have seen how to enable Like button for list items.

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