Manage Workflow Associations For a Content Type in SharePoint


Workflow allows a set of pre-defined activities to be executed. Workflows work using the Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 engine in SharePoint 2013.


We can associate workflows against a list, library or content type. Here we are focusing on associating workflow with content types.


Use the following procedure to associate a workflow with a content type.

Create a new site content type named Expense.

site content type

Then click the Workflow Settings and in the page that appears choose Add a workflow.


In the page that appears you can choose the workflow and enter the name and configuration settings.

configuration settings

Choose the start option to start a creation of a new item.

new item

You will get the workflow created as below.

workflow created

This concludes our workflow association. You can test the code by creating a content type item.

Note: Once the workflow is created, it will fire for all the items created based on the Expense content type.


Add a workflow association (SharePoint Server 2010).


In this article we explored how to associate Workflows with Content Types.

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