SharePoint 2010 - Project Items Inside Visual Studio

We can see the following Project Items inside Visual Studio under the node SharePoint:

Each of the Project Items are described below.
Empty SharePoint Project
This is a template whose contents are common to all other templates.
It includes all the references needed for SharePoint development.

This template contains the Features and Package files needed for deployment.

Sequential and State Machine Workflow
Sequential Workflow refers to a series of business logic steps performed in sequence. State Machine Wofkflows are not performed in sequence, but carried out by actions and events. The workflow templates contain the items to create Sequential and State Machine Workflows. We can create site-level or global workflows through these templates.

Site Definition
This project contains a site definition folder which includes the default aspx page for the site, site component file, site configuration file etc.
List Definition
This project template contains the List templates. It includes content type, list templates, event receivers etc.

The module template is used to include the manifest xml file and the notes about a project. It is not the Module concept in Visual Basic.
Visual Web Part
We can create Web Part using the designer inside Visual Studio. This project template contains support of Visual Web Parts.
Content Type

Content Types are information on data. For example a Task can be declared as a Content Type. Later a Task can be used inside a List.
Apart from the custom properties, we need to explore the other topics related to SharePoint development using Visual Studio.
Sandboxed Solutions
A Sandboxed Solution is a new concept in SharePoint Foundation that allows the users to upload their own code solutions. The Sandboxed Solutions are viewable and validated by Administrators through the Solutions Gallery.
The Solutions Gallery can be accessed from Site Actions > Site Settings > Solutions.

We can view the resource usage of solutions and manage the quota from the Solutions Gallery.


In this article we have explored the Project Items inside Visual Studio and had an overview of the various aspects of SharePoint development. In the upcoming articles we can jump into coding solutions for SharePoint 2010.

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