Fixing DNX Design Time Process Error in Visual Studio 2015

Today I thought to create my first demo using Visual Studio 2015 for ASP.NET Core 1.0. So, I opened VS2015 and chose Web Application template under ASP.NET 5 Templates. Visual Studio started creating a project for me. Although my project was created, at the same time a DNX error was thrown as shown below:

I tried various options including restarting the machine, re-installing Visual Studio, etc. But alas! Nothing worked. But after surfing for few hours, I found a solution which worked for me. You can run any of the following commands:

dnvm update-self OR dnvm upgrade

Open Visual Studio 2015 and do dnvm update using command line as:

Once this command was executed, I didn’t get that error again. Hope reading this blog will save you a few minutes of troubleshooting. Enjoy learning.

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