Various Authentication Enhancements in VS RC 2013


In this article I am introducing the new enhanced Organizational Account in the latest version of Visual Studio. In other words, Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate. The previous Visual Studio 2013 Preview version has the availability to create a new ASP.NET Web Application that can be easily constructed using the Organizational account. The support of this new feature is to be upgraded and simplified in the new Visual Studio 2013 RC release.

So, I am introducing that there are some changes made in the RC 2013 release and in other words now you can also authenticate the ASP.NET Web API projects with Windows Azure Active Directory Identity. You had to upgrade to use the Organizational feature in the previous version of Visual Studio but in the RC release you don't need to.

In that context, now the new Organizational account wizard in the RC 2013 of the authentication type of ASP.NET Project Templates is much easier and clear and also provide more options. Have a look.


You can also see the difference of Organizational accounts wizard between the Visual Studio Preview and RC. In the following images the wizard opens for the MVC template.

In Visual Studio 2013 Preview


Note: You have to upgrade Visual Studio for Organizational Authentication wizard.

In Visual Studio 2013 RC


You have also noticed that the changes like Application ID URI is not present in the RC. It is present in the another option. Don't be confused. You can see the More Options link? The Application URI is present there. This options has been moved in the More Option link. Have a look:


Authentication for Web API

In the latest release of Visual Studio 2013, you can use the authentication of the Web API projects that is secured by Windows Azure Active Directory as you change an authentication for MVC and Web Forms project templates.

Have a look in the following image where you can see the authentication wizard for Web API:


You can see in the following image that we cannot create any authentication for Web API Project Template in Visual Studio 2013 Preview version:



So far this article will help you to learn the various enhancements and changes in the Release Candidate and Preview version of Visual Studio 2013. You can also learn the Organizational Account authentication availability for the RC 2013 release that is not present in the previous version of Visual Studio. Thanks for reading the article.