Getting Started With Areas in MVC 5


You all know that MVC (Model, View, Controller) is a design pattern to separate the data logic from the business and presentation logic. We can also design the structure physically, where we can keap the logic in the controllers and views to exemplify the relationships.

It is also possible that we can have large projects that use MVC, then we need to split the application into smaller units called areas that isolate the larger MVC application into smaller functional groupings. A MVC application could contain several MVC structures (areas).  

In this article I am creating a simple application for defining the area in MVC 5. MVC 5 is the latest version of MVC used in Visual Studio 2013.


You need to have the following to complete this article:

  • MVC 5
  • Visual Studio 2013

In that context, we'll follow the sections given below:

  • MVC 5 application
  • Adding Controller for Area
  • Adding Views for Area
  • Area Registration
  • Application Execution

MVC 5 Application

Use the following procedure to create a Web application based on a MVC 5 template.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2013.

Step 2: Create an ASP.NET Web Application with MVC 5 project template.

Step 3: In Solution Explorer, right-click on the project and click "Add" to add an area as shown below:

Adding Area in MVC 5

Step 4: Enter the name for the area, such as "News".

Enter Area Name

Step 5: Similarly add an another area named "Article".

Area in Mvc 5

Now from the steps above you have added two areas for your application named News and Article.

Adding Controller for Area

We have successfully added an area, now we'll add controllers for each of our areas using the following procedure.

Step 1: Right-click on the Controller in your Article area to add a controller.

Adding Controller for Area

Step 2: Select "MVC 5 Empty Controller".

Scaffold Empty Controller

Step 3: Enter the name as "ArticleController" .

Add Controller

Step 4: Similarly add the controller for "News".

Now your Area folder should be as in the following screenshot:

Area Controller in MVC 5

Adding Views for Area

We have successfully added a controller for our area, now to add a view for the area using the following procedure.

Step 1: Right-click on the "News" folder in the View to add a View for the News Area.

Adding View for Area

Step 2: Enter the view name as defined in the NewsController.

Add View for Area

Step 3: Generate some content in the View of News as in the following screenshot:

View file

Step 4: You can also add a view as shown in the following screenshot:

Add View from Controller

Step 5: Generate some content for the Article view.

Area Registration

Step 1: Open the "Global.asax" file.

Step 2: Add the following code in your Application_Start() method:


Application Execution

Step 1: Open the project view Layout file.

Project Layout

Step 2: Modify the <ul> in the layout file as shown in the following code:

<ul class="nav navbar-nav">

<li>@Html.ActionLink("Home", "Index", "Home")</li>

<li>@Html.ActionLink("About", "About", "Home")</li>

<li>@Html.ActionLink("Contact", "Contact", "Home")</li>

<li>@Html.ActionLink("Article", "Index", "Article", new {area= "Article" }, null)</li>

<li>@Html.ActionLink("News", "Index", "News", new { area = "News" }, null)</li>


Step 3: Debug the application and open the Article link as shown below:

Open Article Area

Article View

Step 4: Similarly open the News link:

News Area


This article will help you to create and work with areas in MVC 5 using the Visual Studio 2013. You can also create controllers, models and views depending upon the situation. Thanks for reading.