Getting Started With Visual Studio 2013 RC


Developers want to develop applications very easily and smoothly and the developer never wants to waste time. Every developer wants to develop the application smoothly and all this is possible with Microsoft. Microsoft provides the best way to develop applications with their technology and you all know that the name is .NET.

In that context, Microsoft has revealed the latest version of Visual Studio and the name is Visual Studio 2013 RC (Release Candidate). Microsoft has also revealed Team Foundation Server 2013. Both of these latest versions were released on 9th September 2013. You can also benefit from the Windows 8.1 RTM. If you want to download the latest versions of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework then Click Here.

Visual Studio 2013 RC is the next big step toward the next release of Visual Studio, in other words Visual Studio 2013. It was also revealed by Microsoft that the next version will be available on 13th November 2013.

Important Notes

The following are some important notes:

  • You can get the the benefit of Visual Studio 2013 RC without uninstalling the Visual Studio 2013 Preview.
  • The development of Windows Store Apps needs Windows 8.1 RTM with Visual Studio 2013 RC.
  • It does not support Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview.
  • It supports Azure SDK 2.1 for the development of Windows Azure as you use in Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

There are various types of new tools released with this version for:

  • Web Applications
  • Games
  • Mobile Devices
  • Windows 8.1

At the start of the RC version, it will ask you to sign in with your Microsoft Account. You can use it as a trial for 14 days only if you use it without signing in. The sign in process synchronizes you to the previous settings as you made with Visual Studio 2013 Preview. The System Requirements of Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate is available here.

So, let me take you to the new enhancements in Visual Studio 2013 RC. Have a look at the following.

Start Page

The Start Page is the screen of Visual Studio 2013 RC is as in the following:


It looks like the Visual Studio 2012 RC.

Cloud Business App

The Cloud Business Applications now can be created on this latest version of Visual Studio. Microsoft has already announced in the early build conference that the next version of Visual Studio will enable the next generation of business apps using clouds. You can now get the benefit of cloud business apps in this version.


CodeLens Enhancements  

As you are already aware of, this version has already been released with Visual Studio 2013 Preview. In the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013 the deep Lync assimilation has been added with which you can see the developer changes on the code and also connect with that developer. There are new indicators also included in this release, like Work Items and Code Reviews.


XAML based Windows Store Apps

You can now find the Coded UI Test Project for apps of Windows Store in the Windows Store project category rather then inside the Test Category.

Note: You must have Windows 8.1 to use it.


There are some enhancements also released in C++ like using aliases, = default and also non-static data member initializers in this release of Visual Studio 2013. Have a look:

//use of aliases

template<class t>


class Car{

//Non Static

       int Car_No = 1234;



       //use of =




The latest version of TypeScript, v0.9.1.1, is released with this Visual Studio 2013 RC. TypeScript introduces classes and modules. It also enables rich development tools like live error reporting as you type (IntelliSense). It is used for application-scale JavaScript development.


So far this article introduces you to the new release of Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate. You will see the new enhancements made by Microsoft in this release. I'll write other articles related to this new version. So enjoy this new release.

Thanks for reading.

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