Introduction to ASP.Net 5 in Visual Studio 2015 Preview


Visual Studio 2015 Preview has been launched. There are various new features in the Visual Studio 2015 Preview. The new features are given below:

  • .Net Framework 4.6
  • ASP.Net 5
  • Entity Framework 7
  • Release Management

You can determine more new features and updates from here.

Visual Studio 2015 Start Page


We will discuss ASP.Net 5 here. ASP.Net 5 is a powerful upgrade for ASP.Net. We can now build advanced web apps using ASP.Net 5. It is a lean .Net stack for modern web apps. An enhanced development framework is furnished in ASP.Net 5. We can create the solution flexibly and the performance of the solution is essentially upward.

You can learn more about ASP.Net 5 from here.

ASP.Net 5 provides a flexible environment to run on the following three runtimes:

  • Full .NET CLR

    It is the default runtime to the projects that are created in Visual Studio. Full .NET CLR furnishes the API set.
  • Core CLR

    This Core CLR is a runtime for the projects created in ASP.Net 5.  It has been enhanced with the new components that are useful to encompass the main features that are needed. Now your project app is only vulnerable on the required features. It is only 11 MB and the full .NET CLR is around 200 MB.
  • Cross-Platform CLR

    Microsoft will release the cross-platform runtime for the Linux and Mac OS X soon. When it is done, we will develop the .NET apps on the Mac and Linux also.

The projects in the Visual Studio runs on the Full .Net CLR as a default. We can change it to the Core CLR as shown below:


App KRE Version


Visual Studio 2015 Preview is the prerequisite to work with the ASP.Net 5.

Characteristics of ASP.Net 5

There are various types of characteristics of ASP.Net 5. Let's discuss them below.

Removed .NET Version Dependency

Suppose there is an app running on the server, so all the apps must use the same .Net version that is being used by that server app. So we are dependent on the .Net version and we must use the same or upgrade the version.

In the ASP.Net 5 this issue has been fixed. We need to choose the Core CLR and we run the version side by side.


In the previous version of Visual Studio, we can implement separately created MVC, Web API and Web Pages. In the ASP.Net 5 the MVC, the Web API and Web Pages are included in a single framework that is called MVC 6. It removes the delicacy and the app development is flexible. Currently only MVC and Web API have been unified in MVC 6.

Open Source

Now the .NET goes open source with the use of GitHub. We can access the repositories also.


NuGet layout has been chaged



This article describes the new enhancements in the features and characteristics of the ASP.Net 5 in the Visual Studio 2015. In the further articles we will explore more in the ASP.Net 5 and create an application. Thanks for reading the article.

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