Adding Application Insights in Visual Studio Online Project

In this fast changing era we are developing applications that are most descriptive to the end-user. Our goals are changing every day, primarily we have a goal to deploy an application with functionality specified by the client but now the client is changing their requirements on a daily basis so we began from the Waterfall Model then the Agile and now we are using a continuous release Candence.

Application Insights is not just a small amunt of info about the application, it is complete end-to-end monitoring, we will get a true 360-degree monitoring of your application, not just small pieces of data.

And it is designed to work with services built into the Microsoft Azure, Microsoft .NET Framework, Java, Web sites, Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 applications.

Now how to do it

I am using Visual Studio 2013 online.

First go to Visual Studio and add an extension and download the Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio the extension.

Now, create a new project. 
But if you have a project already then to add Application Insights Right-click on Project.
Now in our project we will have three new nodes in Applicationinsights.config with shortcuts to Availability Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring and Usage Analytics data.

Once you have added Application Insights to a new or existing project, the usage monitoring on your Web, Windows Store and Windows Phone applications is automatically enabled.
Thanks for today.