SharePoint Designer Staged Workflow

Here are the steps

Step 1: Using SharePoint Designer Create "Announcement " List.

SharePoint Designer

Step 2: Create List workflow for "Announcement " List with Platform type -" SharePoint 2013 workflow ".


Step 3: Add Workflow Stage - We can add multiple Stages to workflow using "Insert Stage" option.

Insert Stage

Step 4: Add Log History Action - Maintain log of workflow execution.

Add Log History Action

Step 5: Add Transition stage - Action -> go to Stage.

go to Stage

Step 6: Go to next stage.

Go to next stage

Step 7: Wait for list event occurrence - Type wait in search box. It prompt for two events, select "Wait for event in list item".

Wait for event in list item

Step 8: Check List Event - There are two list events available. List item added or changed. Select "When an item is changed".

Check List Event

Step 9: Add Log History.

Add Log History

Step 10: Transition Stage Condition checking. Either go to next stage or previous stage based on value of list item body text.

Transition Stage Condition checking

Step 11: Current item body contains ChoiceA/ ChoiceB/ End.

Check current item body



Step 12: When any of the condition is true, navigate to stage.

navigate to stage

Step 13: Send Email.

Send Email



Stage A

Stage B

Check workflow Execution.

  1. Add new list item. Item body is having data i.e. "XYZ".

  2. Workflow transition happened to next stage i.e. "waiting for update".

    waiting for update

  3. Update list item with body text "ChoiceA". Workflow transition happened to "StageA"


  4. Update list item with body text as "END". workflow transition happened to "Request Complete".

    Request Complete

  5. People get Email notification about list item update.

Thank you! If you have any query please mention it in the comment section.

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