Steps To Copy SharePoint Designer Workflow From One Site Collection To Another Site Collection

Here are the steps,

Save Workflow as Template

Step1: Create new reusable workflow using SPD 2013.

Step 2: Save and Publish it.

Step 3: Now save workflow as template using SPD 2013.

Popup information

Step 4: Go to Site assets library under site content section, you will see our custom workflow as in the following,

Step 5: Download copy of workflow from site assets library as shown below. Template get saved in as .wsp format.

WSP Format

Copy Workflow into new Site collection

Step 1: Open new site in browser. Now we need to deploy WSP into WebPart Galleries.

Step 2: Go to Site settings, then Solutions under “Web Designer Galleries”. Upload wsp into it and activate the feature.

Step 3: After solution is activated, it is listed under solution galleries section.

Step 4: Enable feature at site level. Go to site setting, then manage site feature. New workflow feature listed there as shown in image. We need to activate it.

Step 5: Cross check weather workflow copy has done or not for new site

Open site in SPD 2013. Go to Workflows tab. Under Reusable Workflow section, you will get new entry of copied workflow as shown below,


Step 6: Check workflow content? Is content copied properly or not??

Open workflow in SPD 2013. Click on edit workflow link, you will get workflow content same as original site workflow.

if you have any query, please comment.

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