Install Visual Studio 2012 RC and Create Metro Style Application Using C#

Here I am talking about the Visual Studio 2012 RC. It's now released, Microsoft has announced. It's a new version of Visual Studio. Microsoft provides new software every day for users and developers both. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC also being made available for users to download. The new Visual Studio is a little bit different from VS2012 Beta. Microsoft says that we have added some features to it like performance; the UI is revamped and the setup is streamlined. These features by which we can move the Beta version to RC. Microsoft says that you can see all the improvements of Visual Studio in a comparison table. Its logo has a new look and style also. It also supports Window 8 which was released on Thursday. By this new version of Visual Studio developers can create high quality applications using tools. By using Visual Studio RC, developers can design and create Metro-style applications easily. The creation of high-quality applications which Microsoft is aiming for with the release of VS2012, it also includes high quality testing and debugging tools which allows developers and users to test and debug their application easily. It has three versions, Ultimate, Premium and Professional along with Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.5 RC. If users want to download this and want to work on it, first they must have a strong configuration to install this version of Visual Studio.
How to Install Visual Studio 2012 RC

Download Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate

Step 1:  When you click on setup, it shows the minimum required space which is 8.95GB and if you agree to the license then click on the checkbox and click the Next button.

Step 2:  After clicking the Next button it will ask for optional features to install. If you want all features then click on the checkbox to select all, then click the install button. Otherwise if you want to go back then click on the back button.
Step 3:  A window will be opened and it will show the acquiring and applying process.
Step 4: 
Wait for completion of the acquiring process; once this is completed, the applying process is started and the components of Visual Studio 2012 begins to be applied on your system.

Step 5:
  When the applying process is completed it will show you a launch window;  just click on the launch and than a dialogbox or window will ask you to choose the default environment setting and we choose general development setting and then click on the start Visual Studio button. If you want to exit then click on the Exit button.
Step 6:
  Now the general development setting was applied and your Visual Studio is ready for the application's development.

UI Differences between VS 2010, VS 2011 and VS 2012 RC start Page
Visual Studio 2010


Visual Studio 2011


Visual Studio 2012 

Now Creating a Metro Style Application in Visual Studio 2012 RC 
First open the Visual Studio 2012 RC and choose new project then select the language like C# then Metro Style Application.
Now when you click on the ok button to start the Metro application a Developer license requirement window will open (What is Developer license, why we need it), Just click on I Agree.


Now finally a "sign in" window will show. If you are a licensed developer and have a Windows Live "Id" and "Password", just sign in using them. If you don't have an account then sign up and get the license.

After getting
the developer license you will be able to create and debug the Metro Style Applications.

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