Add an App in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 came up with an awesome function of Apps in the newer version. These apps are important for using the Android Play Store and Windows Market Place.

This new feature is used in the same way and ease as them.

Just think if how beautiful it will be; yes it is indeed.

Let's see.

In the following we can see Site Contents of SP2013 Team Site, you can see the option as Add an App, click on it.

site content

You will find the following navigation as Apps You can Add, From Your Organization, Manage Licenses and Your Requests and SharePoint Store.

These functions like first apps you can add so for example the apps that a user can add depending on his permission level will be visible here.

Then we have From Your Organization, if any member of your site adds an app it can be used by every member of the site and will be found in here. Then we have Manage Licenses, where the SharePoint store will have it's own license period so it is not free. 

We have Your Requests where users can raise the request for the apps they require and then the admin can approve them accordingly.

Lastly we have SharePoint Store, let's see it.

Welcome to the SharePoint Store.
sharepoint content
As we can see there are many free and paid apps in all the preceding categories that can save a lot of credit value for the clients and a lot of time for the developers in developing them.

I will choose one app and will show you how you need to install it, for the others I want you to try it out and let me know if you get stuck anywhere.

Coming up I selected Bright Banner App from the App store.

bright banner 
You can see it's a free source just click on ADD IT, It will ask you to login to your Hotmail or Windows mail. Don't worry, it is absolutely free, just login. You will get the following option.

bright banner 1

After logging in you will come to this page, click on Continue.

/bright banner 2

You will get this message stating the App is ready for everyone to use in the organization, you can click on Return to Site.

Once you click on Site Contents you will see your app there.

site content 1

Keep learning !