Send an Email Using Nintex Workflow in SharePoint 2013 Or Office 365

Welcome to Nintex Workflows where we will see today the most important and mostly used functionality of sending an email using Nintex Workflow in SharePoint 2013.

I know it is a part of all our developments throughout.

So let's see how it is done.

Go to the list or Document Library you want this functionality to work on.

Go to the List or Library tab and you will find the icon as Nintex Workflow.

Nintex Workflow in Share point 2013

Click on the icon and you will see the following screen. Here we have actions on the left side and on the center as you can see we can insert an action by clicking on it.

insert an action in Share point 2013

As we can see the following we can insert the action from:

  • Integration
  • Libraries and Lists
  • Logic and Flow
  • Operations
  • User Interactions
  • Utility
send an Email in Share point 2013

So as we can see I have inserted an action from User Interaction named Send an Email.

On clicking on it we will see the following screen as Send an Email. You might be seeing an exclamatory mark as a warning because it is yet not configured. Once we configure it the notification is turned off.

exclamatory mark as a warning

Once you double-click on it, it will open the configuration layout where you need to add the following details.
  • To
  • CC
  • BCC
  • Subject
  • Body
Developers who have worked on previous versions of Nintex would know how eagerly we were waiting for CC & BCC Configuration in Nintex.

configuration layout in Share point 2013

On the right you will see the icons next to each configuration. When you click on them you will get several options to fill in the configuration through variables or through lists as per requirements. Here we will add in the values to the configuration.

configuration in Share point 2013

Once you configure the email click on Save and Publish, you will see the the following Publish Screen.

Publish Screen in Share point 2013

Here you have the following labels to configure:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Task List: Here you can select a Task list to store all the tasks created by Nintex, If you don't select one it will choose a default one.
  • History List: Next we have a History List that stores in the workflow history details similarly If you don't select one it will choose a default one.
  • Start Options: Now we have Start Options as to when or how you want our workflow to start. In our case when an email is triggered.
So here we have options like:
  1. Start Manually: Here you can select the item then click on the workflow icon and run the workflow manually by clicking on it.
  2. Start when items are created: Here you can start a workflow when an item is just created automatically.
  3. Start when items are modified: Similarly here you can start a workflow when an item is just modified automatically.
publish page in Share point 2013

So in our case it will start manually as well as when an item is created. So click on Publish in the top-left corner and the workflow will be published.

workflow has been publish

Now go back to the library or list where you have associated this workflow. Create a new item and once you have saved the newly created item, click on save, then the workflow will immediately trigger an email and I will receive an email depending on my configuration.

library in Share point 2013

There is a lot of new stuff in Nintex of the SharePoint 2013 version, isn't there?
Keep learning.