How to Make Your Website Load Faster


In our day-to-day life, websites are everywhere. Websites play a vital role in our life. Most everyone has their own website. I do have my own.

If you have a website, it is important that it be very fast and reliable. It must load quickly.



We have very many tools to check and optimize website performance. Here I will share information about the Google PageSpeed Insights for Chrome.

Let us start

Add Google PageSpeed Insights for Chrome

If you have not added Google PageSpeed Insights for Chrome, please add it as shown below. Please go through this link: PageSpeed Insights (by Google).

Google PageSpeed Insights

Click the +Free button on the top right.

Click Add in the following confirmation box.

Once it is added to Chrome you will get the confirmation message as follows.


Now please go to your website and press F12, you will see a tab PageSpeed, please click on that.

Once you click you will see:

your website

Now it is time to test your website

To start the test, please click on the START ANALYSING button. It will reload your page.


Wow! We have done the tests, now you will get all the suggestions that you must take care of as soon as possible to make your website fast and reliable.


If you have already done some optimizations, it will show in the already done tab.


Important Points

There are some important things that we must do.
  • Avoid Redirects

    Avoid the unwanted redirects from one URL to another.

  • Minimize payloads

    1. Optimize Images

      If you optimize your images, it can save a huge amount of size in your page.

    2. Minify HTML
    3. Minify CSS

  • Minimize delay in page

    1. Minimize request size
    2. Specify image dimension
    3. Specify character set


Now please try this with your website and see the suggestions. Please don't forget to consider those suggestions. It is important that we do not waste the time of our website visitors.

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