Expression Blend 5 Templates in Windows Store App

In this article we will explain how the Expression Blend 5 template works in Windows 8. In Expression Blend when we create a new project template then it shows there are many options in Windows style applications. It contains five categories. All templates create HTML applications for Windows 8 as Metro Style Applications.

These templates are used as shown below.

Step 1 : Open File > New project.


After creating a new project it will look like as:


Step 2 : The Blank Application template creates a solution with only the minimal elements needed. The designer shows a tablet-shape around the surface, like you might be familiar with when working on Windows 8 applications. The solution contains CSS and .JS files needed for the Metro Style. A manifest file is also added which defines what is needed to run the application on Windows 8.


Step 3 :
The second project template, Fixed Layout Application, adds some basic layout to the blank.


Step 4: The Grid Application template is where things get a lot more interesting if you're just starting writing these kinds of applications. This template contains a couple of. HTML files glued together with HTML attributes. It's a basic starting point for a grid application and includes some navigation from master to detail views.


Step 5 : The Navigation Applications template creates a solution which looks a lot like the last, but blank. The basic HTML elements are in place.


Step 6 :
Split Application, create a more complex solution again. It demonstrates how to create a master, detail application showing the master and the details side by side in the application.


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