Install Windows 8 on VMware


In this article I will explain how to install Windows 8 on VMware Player. Before installing Windows 8, we first install the VMware Player. VMware player is the virtual machine running on Windows 7 that provides the Windows 8 Preview. The Windows 8 Preview is straight forward and uneventful. VMware Player is a simple way to run multiple operating systems in your system at the same time. The VMware Player supports Windows 8 as a guest operating system. The latest version of VMware 4.0 supports the Windows 8 Developer Preview and supports the 64 GB memory for the guest operating system.

Step by step installation of the Windows 8 on VMware Player

Now first install the VMware Player. With help of the following link you can download the VMware player and follow the instruction.

Download the VMware Player from:

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from:

After installing the VMware player, the following are step by step instructions for installing Windows 8.

Step 1 : In step 1 you run the VMware Player and click in the right pane on new virtual machine and go to the next step.


Step 2 : In this step, show the new virtual machine wizard and click on install the operating system then click on next.


step 3 : In this step show the guest operating system and choose the Microsoft Windows and select the version Windows 7 (if have a 32 bit) and then click on next.


Step 4 : In this step type the virtual machine name as Windows 8 and click Browse the location and select the folder that you want to install to and then click on next.


Step 5 : In this step, specify the disk capacity and that you want to maximize the virtual size virtual disk and select the virtual disk and click on next:


Step 6 : In this step, show the ready to create virtual machine and click on the customize hardware button.


Step 7 : In this step click on memory and select in your computer capacity.


Step 8 : In this step click on processor and select how many computer processors and select the number of processor cores.


Step 9 : In this step click on CD/DVD click (dot) use the image file and click to browse and select the Windows 8 and then close.


Step 10 : In this step, double-click on Windows 8 to start the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


Step 11 : In this step, install the VMware tool for Windows 2000 and later and click on Download and Install and then close.


Step 12 : Enter your language and other preferences and click next.


Step 13 : In this step, click the install now.


Step 14 : In this step, enter the product key and then click on next.


Step 15 : In this step, click the accept license and then go to next.


Step 16 : Which type of installation do you want.


Step 17 : In this step, enter drive unallocated space and click on next.


Step 18 : In this step, show the installing Windows.


Step 19 : In this step Windows 8 is preparing.


Step 20 : In this step, pick a color you like and give the PC a name then click on next.


Step 21 : In this step are two options; one is to use the express setting and the other is to customize; choose customize.


Step 22 : Put the mail address if your account in the Microsoft sites otherwise sign your PC to click next.


Step 23 : Choose the Microsoft account and local account. If your account is in the Microsoft website then choose Microsoft otherwise choose and you want your PC then choose local account.


Step 24 : In this fill in the details and then click finish.


Step 25 : After the installation finishes you can see the open screen for Windows 8.


Step 26 : In this step the desktop is shown.


Step 27 : In this step you can install the VMware Tools for graphics.


Step 28 : In this step the drives in the Windows 8 are shown.