Introducing Croft.Core For Universal Windows Apps

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Croft.Core.UWP is a new library for universal Windows apps that I've designed to be a core component when developing for the platform to make it quicker and easier to get going with the things that I'll need so I can spend time doing the things that matter.
As a quick high-level overview, the library contains a collection of Visual State Triggers, XAML Converters, extensions and helper classes.

How did Croft.Core come to exist?

I have built a lot of Windows apps over the last few years which have required a similar set of XAML extensions and controls that I've copied, pasted and reused amongst them all. This project is going to become the core for all of those features so that not only myself, but you reading this, can save time and effort in adding this common, core functionality into your apps so you have the time to spend enhancing your experiences.

Can I use this in my project?  

It has previously been a part of my projects that I've used privately but have decided to publicly share the library on GitHub for developers like you to use in your own apps for the same reasons I use it with the ability to contribute towards it to make it a feature-rich hub for universal Windows app development.

I'd like to contribute, how can I get involved?

Although I've tailored the current core parts of this project to my own needs, I'm more than happy to see improvements made to things I've added as well as anything new you feel is missing!
If you'd like to get involved you can check out the source on GitHub and make your own contributions or if you just want to get using the library, you can add it as a Nuget package to your projects.
Core.Croft.UWP Install Nuget Package 
I'm always working to add new features to the library so keep yourselves up-to-date with what's new on the GitHub Wiki with the current feature set!
Happy coding! 

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