DataList Tag in HTML 5

A <datalist> tag can be used to create a simple auto-complete feature for a webpage.
<datalist> is the newly defined HTML tag that came with the HTML 5 specification. By using this <datalist> tag we can define a list of data and then we can bind it with an <input> tag.
A <datalist> tag specifies a list of predefined options for an <input> element. After binding it the user will see a drop down list in which all the predefined options will be there for the input. When the user types a character or string then the user will automatically get the data depending on the input string or character.
The main feature of this <datalist> tag is to auto-complete the <input> element.
Suppose we have a TextBox for the country.

<input type="text" list="countries" name="country" />  

In the preceding input element we are using the list attribute and we are passing the list of countries. so we will define a list of countries using the <datalist> tag as given below:

  1. <option value="India">India</option>    
  2. <option value="United States"></option>    
  3. <option value="United Kingdom"></option>    
  4. <option value="China"></option>    
  5. <option value="Nepal"></option>    
  6. <option value="Afghanistan"></option>    
  7. <option value="Iceland"></option>    
  8. <option value="Indonesia"></option>    
  9. <option value="Iraq"></option>    
  10. <option value="Ireland"></option>    
  11. <option value="Israel"></option>    
  12. <option value="Italy"></option>    
  13. <option value="Swaziland"></option>   

Complete Example

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>    
  2. <html lang="en">    
  3.     <body>    
  4.         Please Select Country: <input type="text" list="countries" name="country" />    
  5.         <datalist id="countries">    
  6.             <option value="India">India</option>    
  7.             <option value="United States"></option>    
  8.             <option value="United Kingdom"></option>    
  9.             <option value="China"></option>    
  10.             <option value="Nepal"></option>    
  11.             <option value="Afghanistan"></option>    
  12.             <option value="Iceland"></option>    
  13.             <option value="Indonesia"></option>    
  14.             <option value="Iraq"></option>    
  15.             <option value="Ireland"></option>    
  16.             <option value="Israel"></option>    
  17.             <option value="Italy"></option>    
  18.             <option value="Swaziland"></option>    
  19.         </datalist>    
  20.     </body>    
  21. </html>   

The output of the code above is given below:

  1. When the page is loaded it will initially look like:

    page load initially
  2. When a character or string is typed into the input element then:

    input element

Browser Compatibility
The following are the browser versions that fully supports <datalist>:

 Browser Compatibility