Add Splash Screen in Windows Store Apps


This article explains how to add a splash screen image in Windows Store without code. All Windows Store apps must have a splash screen that is a composite of a splash screen image and a background color, both of which can be customized. Windows displays this splash screen immediately when the user launches an app. This provides immediate feedback to users while the app's resources are initialized. As soon as your app is ready for interaction, Windows dismisses the splash screen.

In Windows Store apps the default splash image is as the following. If you want to change it then you can change its image. The image size of the splash screen must be 620 x 300 pixels using a 1x scaling factor.


How to change the Windows Store apps splash screen

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2012 and start a new Windows Store apps project or open your existing Windows Store apps project.

Step 2

Go to Solution Explorer and double-click on "Package.appxmanifest" to open it.


Step 3

In this step go to the "Application UI" tab.


Step 4

In the Application UI scroll down to the Splash Screen section. In the splash screen click on browse and select image (600 x 300, .png). For the background color enter a background color name or a color code.


Step 5

Now run your project.


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