Logout From Microsoft Account in Windows 8


Windows 8 provides the ability to connect your Microsoft Account to a domain account and sync your settings and preferences between them. Using this feature you can directly use online services, such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Calendar, and the Windows Store on you Windows 8 PC. But sometimes you want to stop the online services on your PC for security purposes. For that you must disconnect or remove your Microsoft account from your PC.

In this article we explain how to stop all Microsoft online services on Windows 8. To stop the online services you must disconnect your Microsoft account from your PC and after disconnecting the account all online services will be stopped automatically.

How to Disconnect a Microsoft account from a Windows 8 PC

Step 1

Go to the Charms Bar and select "Settings".

step 2

In the settings window click on "Change PC Settings".


Step 3

In this window go to the "Users" tab.


Step 4

Now click on "Disconnect your Microsoft account".


Step 5

It will ask for your confirmation. Click on "Finish" to continue.


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