Reset Windows Store Cache in Windows 8


One of the new features of Windows 8 is the Windows Store. The Windows Store allows you  to download and install modern apps and games for Windows 8. Sometimes however when you try to download or update apps from the Windows Store you get a problem such as "Unable to Install Apps from Windows 8 Store", "Error 0x80073cf9 While Installing Apps From Windows Store", "Fix: Windows Store apps crashing" etc. This type of of problem may occur for any of many reasons but one of the main causes of this problem is the Windows Store cache.

In this article we explain how to reset the cache of Windows Store apps in Windows 8. Reset cache resets the Windows Store without changing account settings or deleting installed apps. And you can download apps from the Windows Store without a problem.

How to reset the cache of Windows Store in Windows 8

Step 1

Go to the search box and type "wsreset.exe".


Step 2

Go to the results window and right-click on "WSreset" and select "Run as administrator".


Step 3

The Windows Store will be opened. Wait a few seconds. After the cache is reset the following message will be displayed:


Step 4

Now try to download apps from Windows Store.