Windows Phone Development For Beginner - Part 3

Before reading this article, I highly recommend reading my previous articles:

Here's Part 3 of setting the start page, setting the apps icon and setting the background image.
Let's start! 

Setting startup page

Step 1

Start a new project and select Windows Phone application. In the Solution Explorer you can see that by default the starting page is MainPage.xaml.

main page
                                                   Figure 1

Step 2

Now add one page for setting the startup page. Go to the Solution Explorer and add a new item.

add new item
                                                                        Figure 2

Step 3

Select Windows Phone portrait page and provide the name of your page, then click the Add button.

windows phone portrait page
                                                                        Figure 3

Step 4

Go to Solution Explorer and expand the Properties and open WMAppManifest.xml.

                                    Figure 4

Step 5

In the WMAppManifest.xml file change MainPage.xaml to MyPage.xaml.

                                                                        Figure 5

Change Apps Icon and Title

First add an icon to your project.

Select project properties from the project menu and select the Application tab then provide the app's title in the TextBox and select the apps icon from the dropdown list.

select apps icon
                                                                              Figure 6

Now everything is done and run your application.

run your application
  Figure 7

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