Fourteen New Features of ASP.NET Core

Here are some new features introduced in ASP.NET Core:

  1. Microsoft has made important changes with ASP.NET Core. Now, it is open source and available on GitHub. On GitHub, you can find everything about ASP.NET code and download it if you need.


  2. ASP.NET Core can run on any platform like Windows, Mac, or Linux. It means, if you create the ASP.NET Core application then it will run on any of these platforms without any issue. Earlier ASP.NET applications were not able to run on Linux and Mac operating system. But ASP.NET 5 application supports a cross platform runtime, so you can easily run the application on Mac and Linux.

    Cross Platform Runtime

  3. ASP.NET Core has two frameworks, the first one is same as earlier .NET Framework and second one is .NET Core. DNX Core is a very light weight and open source framework which also run on Mac and Linux.

    .NET Framework

  4. ASP.NET Core has one more command line tool manager and it is called DNVM. DNVM [DotNet Version Manager] allows you to install or upgrade the DNX Version.

    DotNet Version Manager

  5. ASP.NET Core is faster in development and deployment because it works on a file system. So, when you make some changes in the code, in the background internally the compilation processes are going on and also update the running application. So, there is no need to make the browser refresh.

  6. Earlier when we make build for application all dlls goes into the bin directory which is available inside the project. But now Bin directory has been placed inside the Artifact folder which is new with ASP.NET 5.


    Bin folder

  7. Dependency Injection is supported by ASP.NET inbuilt. It supports DI by default. ASP.NET includes some built in container which supports constructor injection by default.

  8. ASP.NET Core provides the fully cloud ready setup for publishing. It supports the cloud based environment based configuration.

  9. Earlier we used the System.Web DLL which has been removed from ASP.NET Core.

  10. JSON files are more preferable than xml files in ASP.NET Core. Every configuration file and some startup files have been changed with JSON file in ASP.NET 5 like global.json, config.json, etc.

  11. Now wwwroot folder will contain all the static content of the application in ASP.NET Core like js files, css files, images as well.


  12. ASP.NET Core has a client side package manager which is inbuilt with ASP.NET 5 project and it is bower. It is a package manager for JavaScript, jQuery etc


  13. In ASP.NET Core the project file extension has been changed from .csproj to .xproj. It also doesn’t contain the information about the included file in the project.


  14. New code editor “Visual Studio Code” has been introduced to work on Mac and Linux.

    Visual Studio Code

Thanks for reading this article, hope you enjoyed it.

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