Bing News App in Windows 8

Microsoft has launched Windows 8 Release Preview. The three new impressive apps from Bing News, Sports, and Travel are introduced to Windows 8 with the Release Preview. In this Article we will learn about the news app of Windows 8 Release Preview.

One of the new apps is for News. With the news app, you're treated to a big-picture view of one of the day's top stories. It provides news from reliable sources from around the web, covering areas such as US, World, Technology, Business technology, entertainment, politics, sports, and health headlines and tap on specific headlines to read the full article.


The Bing main page has the latest news; you can also scroll to the right to see the top news headlines of various categories, such as
Technology, Business technology, business, US, World,  entertainment, politics, sports, and health.


This app also provides a way to see the latest story into separate columns by covering its group headline. It also enables you to jump to a specific news story to see all the categories. It provides a zoom feature to view all of the news sections on a single screen.


When you click a particular news it will show more, like newspapers or magazines, with multiple columns.


There are four types of menu options that allows us to customize the news apps. The Bing daily is the default set. The next is My News that lets you customize the type of news you want to see first.



Here we can also add our new section with the help of the add a section tool in My News.


The other menu is trends. It helps us to see the latest news, trends-wise.


The last option is source. This feature allows us to customize the sources from where our news stories are viewed. This feature lets the user to see the news only from a particular source by selecting their corresponding source.