Bing Sports App in Windows 8

Microsoft has launched Windows 8 Release Preview. The three new impressive apps from Bing News, Sports, and Travel is introduced to Windows 8 with the Release Preview. In this article we will learn the news app of Windows 8 Release Preview.

One of the apps is Bing Sports. The Sports app helps you to get the knowledge of the top of the sports. With this apps you can follow your favorite sports, teams, and players. This app provides you top sports headlines, live scores, schedules, standings, extensive statistics and much more across all major sports. This apps is also opens with a gorgeous full-screen image and news-of-the-day pick. The app features high-resolution pictures to give you an immersive experience.


When you open the main page of sports app this will display for you the latest sports-related news on the top. You can scroll the window to see more top stories and then you will find the schedules of your favorite sports.


You can also add as many of your favorite teams as you want to follow. Click the app bar at the top and there is an option for favorite teams; click on it by clicking the plus sign and then typing your team into a field; that way you can add your favorite team.



At the top of the app bar you will notice that there exists all the teams. Using the app bar at the top, you can also search by sport such as baseball, hockey, basketball, various soccer leagues and golf by just clicking on it.


When you click a particular news of sports it will show you like newspapers or magazines, with multiple columns as the same as in Bing news.


When you select your favorite team, it will shown in a different manner. It provides more detailed information about the team like Top Stories, News Schedule, Team Leaders, Team Stats, a roster, batting and pitching leaders, etc.


You can also see the information or latest news related with the favorite team in the news section. This news section will display the news of a related team in a different manner. It will take you directly to the related website of where the news comes.


You can also see the latest news by favorite sports. When you select your favorite sports from the top of the app bar. It gives you details like Top News, Schedule, Top Standing Teams, Standings, Leading Players etc.


This app also provides a way to see all the sports in separate columns by covering its group headline. It also enable you to jump to a specific news to see all the categories. It provides a zoom feature to view all of the sports sections on a single screen.


There is another option at the top of the app bar which provides you the best details about the sports that resides on the web. The Best of Web gives information such as News and Rumors, Fantasy Analysis, Sport Business, Picks, Ticket and Deals etc.


In this article we learn all the features of Bing Sports app of Windows 8 Release Preview. I go through the whole app but I could not find any option of adding a new sports like cricket or other sports. We can see the news only for predefined sports in these apps.

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