Clear Cache Using Start Screen Apps in Windows 8

In this article we will learn about caches in Windows 8. Windows 8 includes two types of background Start Screens other than the classic Desktop. So, now we have two ways to clear or remove the cache date from the computer.

Here, I will show you some tips for how to clear a cache using Desktop apps, from the Windows Store and clear the cache from a Live Tile in Windows 8.

Clear Cache using Start Screen Apps in Windows 8

You can clear the cache data of Windows 8 using the new UI Start Screen. Here is the procedure to be used.

Step 1

If you are on the Desktop, then go to the Start Screen using the Win key.

Step 2

Press the "Win+F" key to open the search bar. Type "cleanmgr" in the given search textbox.


Step 3

Choose "cleanmgr.exe" from the search pages on the left panel.


Step 4

You receive a prompt disk cleanup dialog box and try to scan files for a span of time.


Step 5

Now, check the tab nearby "Thumbnails" and click the Ok button.


How to Clear Cache from Live Tile

Step 1

Move the cursor to the top-right edge to highlight the Charms Bar and select the settings option.


Step 2

Then, select the Tile option from the settings window.


Step 3

Then, click the clear button under the clear Personal info from the my files section.



So, this article will help you to clear the cache of Windows 8 from the live tiles and Start Screen apps. 

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