Create a Restore Point in Windows 8

In this article we are going to learn how to create restore points manually in Windows 8 that later can be used to restore Windows at anytime. 

System Restore points are created for system backups of Windows 8. The restore point is for restoring the system to an earlier state without harming the current files and folders. You can easily restore your system.

However the Operating System also creates a restore point automatically using a scheduled task, but you can create restore points manually at any time.

This article will show you how to create a restore point that can be used to do a system restore within Windows 8.

Note: You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to create a restore point in Windows 8.

Step 1

Open the Power User Tasks Menu, Right-click at the left bottom area on the screen.


Step 2

Click on the System protection link in the left pane of the Window.


Step 3

Click on the Create button. This will create a restore point for all drives that have system protection turned on.


Step 4

In this window you can type the description that will help you to identify the restore point when doing a system restore.


Note: The current date and time are added automatically to the restore point.

Step 5

When it's finished creating the restore point, click on Close.